Many supply chain accounting processes need to be carried out with precision several times a day, every day, and as efficiently as possible.

For some businesses though, creating, checking and sending invoices for every job can be a tedious and time-consuming manual process, especially when simple data entry errors or missed charges can lead to costly reworks or worse yet, a delay in payments.  

CargoWise's powerful workflow and automation functionality can streamline the end-to-end billing process to help ensure your invoices are posted on time and accurately without the need for manual intervention. What's more, these workflow tools are already pre-created in the system and setting them up is easier than you might think.  

Here are three ways CargoWise can help you simplify your billing process with workflow-driven automation:

1. Autorate revenue charges  

Using CargoWise's built-in autorating tool, costings, company tariffs, and client rates can be stored in the system and then instantly applied with the click of a button.  

This removes the hassle of manual job billing, reducing the potential for data entry errors and increases staff efficiency, and most importantly, the system ensures your charges are correctly billed for, which minimizes revenue leakage and increases your overall profit.  

2. Automatically post all revenue charges 

To help accelerate and simplify the settlement process, CargoWise can be set-up to automatically post all revenue charges entered against a job, ensuring that ratings and costing calculations are always correct and accurately reflect the services offered.  

This not only saves your staff from opening each item on a job individually before posting the invoice, but it also improves business visibility for job-related costs and revenues and helps guarantee a consistent and predictable experience for your customers.   

3. Automatically send receivables invoices  

Automating and streamlining your invoicing processes will ensure financial transactions are processed on time, which can also help to increase throughput. 

CargoWise can be configured to ensure invoices are accurate and compliant with specific attributes such as tax treatments, classifications and terms, before being automatically emailed or faxed to the nominated contacts of the organization they're raised for, as soon as they're ready.  

You can also easily create unique invoices to display the details and information your client's need, regardless of which operational module requires the invoice.  

And, should you want to send other financial documents, you can automate non-job-related invoices, credit notes and adjustment notes using the same workflow template. 

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