Neo is more than just a dashboard

It's a command center for your customers' entire supply chain operations. Real-time insights into their transactions, shipments, declarations, and orders give them the visibility they've been asking for.

It gives accurate, actionable data to your customers.

Fully web-based and live, Neo seamlessly integrates with CargoWise, ensuring you and your customers are always in sync with not just their latest shipment data, but all their operational activities.


That they can use to control their entire supply chain.

Empower your customers to effortlessly coordinate quotes and bookings, optimize warehouse operations, and streamline customs declarations with a compact yet comprehensive solution for end-to-end transaction management.

While ensuring it remains future ready and expandable.

Neo is not just a solution for today; it's a platform built to evolve with your needs. Expect continuous updates and additions, delivering ongoing labor and cost-saving opportunities for both you and your customers.

Real-time visibility

Neo's track and trace dashboard provides instant, real-time visibility into the current status and location of shipments, ensuring your customers are always in the know about their cargo's journey.

Interactive mapping

Give your customers an interactive mapping experience that goes beyond traditional tracking. Neo's mapping feature enhances tracking with a user-friendly interface, allowing for quick, intuitive insights into the movement of goods.

Customizable filters

Tailor the track and trace experience to individual preferences. Neo allows your customers to set personalized filters, ensuring they receive the specific information they need, when they need it, for a fully customized tracking journey.

Seamless communication

Neo's e-conversation functionality serves as a direct communication hub, facilitating seamless and instant interactions between you, your customers, and other parties along the supply chain.

Real-time collaboration

Allow your customers to ask questions, seek updates, and share information at a granular level, ensuring clarity and responsiveness on a per-shipment basis.

Digital documentation

Give your customers true document automation. Customers can respond directly to emails, attach documents effortlessly, and witness CargoWise's eDocs capabilities without the need for separate platforms or additional steps.

Customized filters

Neo's staff portal enables you to effortlessly set up personalized filters for your customers, ensuring a tailored and efficient user experience.

Security management

Exercise precise control over security groups, allowing you to manage access and permissions with accuracy and ease, providing a secure environment for your staff and customers.

Brand identity

Seamlessly integrate your brand identity into Neo's functionality. Neo can be configured to reflect your brand colors and logo, so you can present your customers with a recognizable and consistent brand experience as they navigate through the platform.


Customers can effortlessly request or self quote, and create bookings based on desired mode, container, and route, with automatic population of essential details, seamlessly integrated back into your CargoWise system.


Give your customers a simplified and efficient process for managing declarations, facilitating compliance and documentation handling.


Your customers can manage and maintain their own inventory, alert you of cargo arriving in the warehouse, or manage the ordering process to draw stock out.


Initiate a new era of financial transparency by granting easy access to invoices, account statements, and reports for your customers.

Mega features.

Mega functionality.

Go beyond the ordinary - unleash a suite of mega features that empower your customers to take command of their entire supply chain.

Let your customers quickly see where a vessel is once a journey has started, where it’s heading, and whether it’s on time with our state-of-the-art Route Visualizer.

With a sophisticated map of vessel movements, including color-based visual alerts for departure and arrival delays, your customers have easy, actionable insights into their shipments as they move from port to port so they can better manage their supply chain activities.

Customers can monitor their end-to end shipments with a map-based visualization of their cargo as it progresses across the supply-chain, providing a unified view of their air and ocean data, for greater shipment transparency and decision making.

This real-time map visualization of their air freight’s journey from origin to destination allows customers to quickly view the current location of their cargo as well as travelled and planned routes. And because the map shows all routes involved in a selected consignment, they can easily identify points where cargo has been split across flights, with expected time of arrival for all parts and cargo. 

Performance Reports make it easy for customers to interpret and analyze ocean shipment data, giving them the information needed to make critical decisions that keep their supply chains running smoothly.

With information consolidated into single, meaningful and visual data structure, they can monitor container performance across carriers and ports while identifying patterns and modeling future impacts.

Give your customers, as well as their suppliers and partners, enhanced visibility and control throughout the fulfillment process with real-time, secure access to their shipment data. 

With features such as planned cargo releases, shipment optimization, container packing manifests, automated exception management, and approval structures, Order Manager enhances workflow capabilities and to optimize your customers' supply chain experience.

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