Scale warehouse operations 

Streamline processes and boost productivity through close integration between systems and functions, automating labor intense and manual processes, and maximizing inventory location, storage, and replenishment. 

Ensure fulfillment and delivery 

Improve transparency and control by maintaining visibility from receipt through to shipping and providing detailed warehouse instructions aligned to service level agreements and delivery commitments.   

Avoid disruptions and fines

Reduce risks, minimize errors, and meet your due diligence obligations through quality assurance and quarantine functionality, barcode tracking, scanning and verification, and accurate and timely digital communications and audit trails. 

Increase profitability

Lower costs and empower your teams through system directed tasks that maximize resources, processes, and space, and provide value-added services that help you to increase customer relationship value and stickiness.   

A global warehouse suite truly built for the needs of the logistics industry

Until recently, large integrated global forwarders and logistics providers had no viable, comprehensive, and truly global warehouse solution. CargoWise stands out among warehouse providers with its unmatched range of differentiated warehouse modalities. Deeply integrated with CargoWise's powerful Forwarding and Customs capabilities, it delivers exceptional value, functionality, visibility, control and productivity.

The case for a global warehouse product suite

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Faster, safer, and more reliable cross-border ecommerce fulfilment

Our comprehensive International Ecommerce module integrates seamlessly with CargoWise's Forwarding and Transit Warehouse functionality to enable the efficient consolidation of tens of thousands of small parcels at the point of origin.

At destination, this integrated solution facilitates the release and distribution of this large volume of ecommerce parcels, ensuring a minimal level of manual intervention, while maintaining exceptional efficiency and adherence to customs regulations.

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