Improve efficiency

Deep integration capabilities automate customs processes and accelerate the data shared between all parties in your supply chain.


Minimize errors

Access to real-time shipment and clearance statuses helps you reduce submission errors, delays and possible penalties.


Ensure trade compliance

Bring your workforce together on a single platform and keep pace with evolving customs requirements and regulations.


Access authority updates

Real-time status updates on your customs declarations accelerate clearance speeds and enable you to calculate duties, taxes and fees more accurately.


Intelligent entry generation

Streamline compliance requirements with simple data entry screens for creating consolidations and shipments, export declarations, customs export manifests and more.


Customizable search filters

Easily view your customs declarations via comprehensive search filters, including entry number, entry status and calculated due dates.


Digital documentation

Customs information is stored in a secure, centralized database, with seamless archiving of import and export processes for increased compliance.


Customs entry statuses

Once submitted, enjoy up-to-the-minute statuses of your customs declarations, helping you stay one step ahead of any issues.


Our global customs footprint

  • Native customs functionality released into a CargoWise production build that is able to communicate to the customs authority to lodge import and export procedures and receive clearances.
  • Customs functionality that is available from our acquisition businesses and is in development for native customs functionality in CargoWise.

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