Work smarter

Don't risk penalties, costly delays or your reputation. Search and view hundreds of books of trade legislation and reference materials from one easy to use platform.

Minimize risks

Real-time updates from government agencies and regulatory bodies means you’re using the latest compliance information to guide your decisions.


Save time

Make import and export decisions quickly and with confidence. Instantly search and bookmark critical customs resources in seconds, with just one click.


In a single window access the full breadth of World Customs Organization publications, including Harmonized System and Valuation Principles, country specific law, global free trade agreements, treaties and more.

Advanced search functionality powered by natural language processing means you can quickly find what you need, even when the exact phrase or technical term doesn’t match.

Don't waste precious time using outdated or inaccurate information. Start your day with a consolidated view of the latest customs updates from government agencies and authorities around the world.

Minimize non-compliance risks and get importers to sign-off on important documentation before goods are entered for customs.

Within a single search, validate commodity classification and duty rates, precedents, rulings and court cases, and ensure you’ve correctly classified your goods and met all regulatory requirements.

Stay compliant with access to hundreds of trade related legal books, documents and resources for Australia, New Zealand, the United States and South Africa.

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