The importance of supply chain visibility and resiliency has never been clearer.

And as we look to the future, having the data and technology to forecast and plan is critical. 

From knowing where your shipments are around the world to predicting and avoiding costly disruptions, data is one of your most valuable assets.

Real-time data visibility in CargoWise helps you track the movement of goods, from origin to destination, so you can execute your logistics processes more efficiently.

Plus with increased transparency throughout your global network, you can be confident you're making more agile, customer-focused decisions backed by real insights.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your ocean data?

Visibility is more than knowing where your shipment is and when it’s going to arrive at its next destination.

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Exchange real-time data and status updates from a single global platform


Optimize your quote to booking process

When a quote is received, CargoWise generates the cost rate and optimizes this for air and sea by using real-time carrier tariffs. Margins and surcharges are pre-populated, and you can choose the most suitable rate and route to maximize your profits. Once the quote is accepted, all information is transferred directly into the booking, without re-keying or re-entering any data.


Monitor job shipments with ease 

Container movement updates are made available in real-time, removing the need to scour carrier websites. If a container is delayed, you are notified immediately and the appropriate messages can be triggered, keeping customers informed and helping to reduce penalties and wasted charges along the way.


Automate and streamline your operations - from the first email to final invoice

At every stage of a shipment, completed tasks can automatically close and the system will generate and distribute the updated documentation and EDI, including transport documents, bills of lading and invoices. CargoWise can also automatically raise exceptions - such as a missed cargo ready date - to keep everyone updated on the cargo's status and minimize delays. 

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Darren Matthews, Global Business Development Analyst, shares how CargoWise streamlines the flow of information from origin to destination.

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