No matter how sophisticated or simple your supply chain operations, enjoy increased control and visibility with deep integration interfaces. 

If you have multiple groups of people working across different systems, locations, languages and currencies, you risk creating low quality shipment data and time-consuming, manual work-arounds.

Our flexible and comprehensive integrations to government and third party systems, customers, partners and more, can increase your productivity and efficiency.

Reimagine your business as usual environment and do more with less today.

Integration capabilities accelerate the data shared across your supply chain



Data moves throughout the platform without manual intervention, helping you manage and automate complex shipment processes, from origin to destination.


Government systems

Data can be automatically sent to government agencies and regulators, reducing your risk of non-compliance and the time it takes to clear shipments across borders.


Third party systems

Flexible third party integrations reduce time-intensive data entry across multiple systems and help speed up critical logistics and business processes.  



Stay one step ahead and give your customers increased visibility and access to real-time data on the status of their goods, orders or shipments. 



Easily exchange data and status updates with partners and third party agents, minimizing potential delays or disruptions to a shipment's journey. 



Unlock powerful productivity gains with all parties able to access the same information on the same database at the same time, no matter where they’re located.

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Discover the benefits of direct airline to CargoWise connectivity for schedules, feeds, eBookings and operational data exchange.

Integrate your customs and warehouse operations and enjoy a powerful single view of all customs-controlled inventory movements.

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your operations with direct connections to logistics service providers, ocean carriers and air-freight carriers.

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