When it comes to compliance, 99.9% complete is not good enough - it's either correct or incorrect. 

If you’re used to relying on manual processes, unreliable data and siloed decision-making to navigate global compliance, you are putting yourself and your business at risk.

CargoWise is constantly updated to reflect changing laws and legislation, so you can be confident you’re submitting the right paperwork and are compliant with customs regulations, harmonized tariffs, local tax rules and more.

Licensed in 170 countries and available in 30 languages, our multi-language and multi-currency platform provides truly global capabilities for a global industry. So you can spend more time focusing on your business, not borders. 

What makes CargoWise’s comprehensive compliance capabilities so powerful?


Digitize operations to drive productivity

Automated electronic import and export customs clearance processes can help prevent costly compliance mistakes and ensure your goods move smoothly across borders.


Take the complexity out of compliance

Deep integrations with government agencies means you can generate and transmit import and export transactions via a simple, direct data exchange with national customs and government authorities.


A global platform for a global industry 

Minimize language barriers, accurately calculate local taxes and confidently submit the right paperwork with our powerful multi-language and multi-currency functionality.

Learn more about CargoWise’s comprehensive compliance capabilities

Discover how GEODIS Australia uses CargoWise’s next generation border compliance software, BorderWise, to correctly classify goods and efficiently navigate the complex world of border compliance.

Darren Matthews, Global Business Development Analyst, explains how CargoWise's geocompliance functionality helps logistics companies increase visibility and act with greater precision.

Hear from our CTO, Brett Shearer, and Customs Product Manager, Glenn Lawson, on how we are building out the world's customs and border compliance platform, designed to cover ~90% of manufactured trade flows. 

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