Expand your reach and communicate directly with more NVOCCs than ever before.

End-to-end shipment automation

Automate your entire booking process to ensure your shipments are managed with speed and precision.

No additional configuration or mapping

Eliminate the need to go through external aggregators, or maintain multiple platforms.

Connect to more NVOCCs than ever before

Our powerful network of NVOCCs are using CargoWise to enhance the shipment experience for their customers around the world.

  • Direct connection to your NVOCCs’ CargoWise systems increases booking efficiency, accuracy, and visibility while reducing data based errors and resource costs.

  • Amplify your shipment visibility with a full view of how your shipments are consolidated by an NVOCC, regardless of how many bookings or pieces are assigned to each shipment.

  • With all cargo sent to NVOCCs automatically tracked and recorded within CargoWise, you can strengthen the transparency of your supply chains for greater compliance, security and accountability.

  • Significantly reduce the time and effort required to complete and confirm your NVOCC bookings while eliminating manual, paper-based processes.

  • Improve the accuracy of data shared with your NVOCCs, streamlining the communication of shipment information and documentation between all parties.

  • Automatic consolidation reduces the risk of errors that can occur when consolidating shipments manually, while saving on costs associated with manual consolidation.

  • Easily send booking instructions to NVOCCs and carriers, and receive booking confirmations in return.

  • Automatically receive consolidation advice based on the data provided by the NVOCC, that will group your shipments to a single consolidation to match the grouping made by the NVOCC, including their consol reference, master bill number and routing information.

  • View the routes and carriers that will handle your shipment, with extended visibility of how your cargo will be moving and when it is scheduled to depart.

  • Additional validations on shipment level booking requests ensure the smooth processing of amendment or withdrawal requests by carriers and NVOCCs to prevent rejections or message failures.


Improve the accuracy of data shared with your forwarders, shippers and BCOs, to streamline the communication of shipment information and documentation between all parties.

Give your customers the visibility they’re looking for

Elevate your shipping processes and exceed customer expectations with our electronic messaging functionality for NVOCCs.

Take your shipment processes to the next level

Accept more shipments, increase revenue, improve your ability to negotiate rates with your network of carriers, and scale to reach new markets.

Always be within sight of buying forwarders

Our powerful network of forwarders are using CargoWise to optimize their end-to-end logistics operations.

  • Direct connection to your customer’s CargoWise system increases booking efficiency and accuracy while reducing data based errors and resource costs.

  • Advanced consolidation capabilities allow you to group multiple electronic and manual bookings from the same or multiple forwarders to optimize container space.

  • Take customer communication to the next level with automated updates and key documentation sent to customers as information becomes available

  • Significantly reduce the time and effort required to consolidate multiple shipments into one container, while the system will ensure each customer is notified how their own cargo was consolidated

  • Receive electronic booking and shipping instructions directly from forwarders and automatically send booking advice and confirmation to all involved forwarders.

  • Consolidate multiple bookings from multiple forwarders onto a single consol and eliminate the need for external platforms and XML customization.

  • Automatically build and auto-populate your Bill of Lading documents based on received shipping instructions, with the option to preview and send a draft Bill of Lading message back to your forwarder or booking party.

  • When a Shipping Instruction message is received, it will automatically match it to an existing booking and seamlessly convert it to a shipment, saving time and reducing errors

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