For many of us in the industry, it’s hard to imagine a time when logistics and the global supply chain has been more critical or visible in ensuring the movement of goods around the world.

As a logistics leader with a globally dispersed team and network of partners and customers, it’s likely you’re used to relying on a patchwork of different software solutions across different regions.

But 2020 has revealed just how fragile an old-school, multi-platform approach can be, with databases that don’t ‘talk’ to each other, increased cybersecurity risks, unaligned upgrade cycles and costly vendor relationships for your internal team to manage.

Our secure, cloud-based logistics execution software, CargoWise, brings your branches, departments, workforce and operations together in one deeply integrated global platform.

It removes the need to run multiple, complex systems and ensures shipments are processed with speed and precision – from the initial quote and booking to customs clearance, transport, forwarding, warehousing and the final invoice being issued to your client.

Looking to streamline your supply chains and accelerate your journey to a single platform logistics solution?

Here’s three ways configurations in CargoWise can help you digitise at speed and scale, so you can better plan, visualise and manage your global logistics operations.

1. Configure global master data and workflows

CargoWise features powerful workflow tools that help you automate, manage and optimise your operations. Every task, process or job can be fine-tuned and configured into a workflow, to build the routines that not only quickly and efficiently satisfy your customers’ needs, but also define the quality service they expect.

For example, you can assign expected completion times so team members know exactly when things should be delivered. Approaching or missed a deadline? React faster and reduce your exposure by setting-up automations to escalate or notify other staff.

Want to configure workflows that work for you? Get started now with these five simple tips.

 2. Configure and schedule comprehensive reports

Keeping customers updated on the status of their shipments has always been critical, but now more than ever they’re expecting automated, near real-time reporting based on their unique requirements.

Using CargoWise, regardless of the origin, destination or branch involved, you can run a single report that contains data on your global operations and end-to-end shipment processes.

What’s more, with more than 400 report formats within CargoWise, finding, arranging and sending this data is quick and efficient.

Simply select a report to configure and save it as a standard template for future use, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time. Your individual operators can even save their own configurations, allowing a single report to be formatted in hundreds of different ways.

3. Configure powerful security settings

Working from an inflexible system with limited security settings can lead to leaks of sensitive data, unnecessary duplicates of records and a general slow-down in your operations.

CargoWise lets you easily assign and configure the security rights of groups or individual staff members, so you can better control access to sensitive data and be confident that your people only access and work within the specific modules they need to fulfill their roles.

For example, you can also easily set accounting as the only department that can run a credit check or set a credit limit, for instance, while your operators could be given sole control over adding delivery addresses.

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