With global supply chains under unprecedented pressure and many logistics companies embracing large-scale remote working, this is unchartered territory for even the most agile organisations. 

In the face of this disruption, you can use CargoWise to reimagine your business-as-usual environment and drive supply chain resilience.

Looking to make an impact, fast? Here are three CargoWise tools you should be using.

1. Electronic documentation (eDocs):

With staff working remotely across the globe, team members can no longer access their paper records and job files in the office. This creates a lack of visibility over what has been received, and which documents are still needed for the freight movement.

eDocs is a great way to help you with this. Our integrated document and image archive lets you store all your paperwork in electronic formats. You can quickly access them where and when they’re needed, in any file format (including emails, sound clips and video files). 

You can even set a list of required documents for each type of shipment or process, and have CargoWise inform you when documents are late and could potentially risk the departure date.

Getting started is easy – simply click ‘add eDocs’, copy and paste, or drag files into the open eDocs field. Third parties can also add their own files to eDocs via a web portal, and you can set security or visibility controls based on a company, branch or department.

Check out our tips on moving to a paperless supply chain today.

2. Workflow:

If you’re managing a team and new to remote working, you might be feeling increased pressure to ensure your staff are collaborating effectively and focused on delivering the work that matters.

With our integrated Workflow Manager in CargoWise, you can create clear standard operating procedures and embed training material into operational records. This helps your team better understand their job requirements to execute tasks more efficiently.  

Detailed workflow tasks – incorporating milestones, exceptions and triggers – give you increased visibility and ensure your team knows what they should be focusing on and what’s coming up next.

Want increased quality control? Build checkpoints into your task list, allowing a supervisor to check work before team members move on to their next set of tasks.

Here’s five ways to increase your team’s productivity with workflow tools in CargoWise.

3. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM):

Strict quarantines and lockdowns mean your customers are counting on you to keep them informed of any changes or disruptions that might impact their operations or bottom line. 

Our deeply integrated CRM has been designed specifically for logistics service providers. As it’s part of your operational software, you can track the vital, up-to-date records of all customer outreach from a central database, and update this information in real-time from anywhere in the world. Here’s some simple tips to get started.

Need to distribute professional customer communications? The Campaign Manager module in CargoWise helps you quickly and easily create compelling emails, so you can keep customers up to date and free your staff from repeatedly answering the same questions.

Get started

CargoWise has a comprehensive online training and education portal with thousands of on-demand resources, to help you get started with these and other powerful solutions, tools and features.

Or why not reach out to a local CargoWise Service Partner to help in your configuration? With more than 280 CargoWise Partners around the world, you can be confident you’re working with someone who understands your local market and unique business needs.

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