Centralizing logistics operations on a single global database is essential for business continuity, scalability and security.

That’s because you can’t accelerate or innovate if you are lost in a complex maze of disparate, costly or unsecure systems.

CargoWise gives your global network visibility and easy access to the shipment data they need, without having to work outside the platform.

And with everyone working from the same database, information that’s entered at the origin station becomes immediately available to the destination as well.

Optimize your operations across borders, regulatory boundaries and freight modes with CargoWise. 

What makes CargoWise’s single platform solution so powerful?


Configure the system to work for you

Powerful configuration tools help you automate, manage and simplify your operations. Every task, process or job can be fine-tuned and configured to build the unique workflows and processes that work best for you and your business. 


Strengthen business continuity via the cloud

Access powerful application delivery and management services from our global data network. Enjoy 24/7 global disaster recovery capability, data management, upgrades and maintenance, backup and continuity planning across your business.


A global platform for a global industry 

Licensed in 170 countries and available in 30 languages, streamline your global logistics processes and reduce time-consuming, manual work-arounds with our powerful multi-language and multi-currency functionality.

Learn more about CargoWise’s single platform solution

Darren Matthews, Global Business Development Analyst, explains how you can drive productivity and unlock more value for your business by managing operations on one global database.

Gene Gander, General Manager Global Sales, explains how centralizing logistics operations on a single global database can help you move faster, more flexibly and at greater scale than your competitors. 

Hear from some of our global logistics customers on how a single platform solution is helping them increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing costs and mitigating risks. 

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