With more retailers moving their businesses online and the stronger-than-ever imperative for eCommerce set to continue, warehouses are handling more packages through their facilities than ever before.

With so many more packages passing through, failure to automate or control processes can result in misplaced packages, delayed shipments, and frustrated customers.

CargoWise Transit Warehouse is a barcode-based warehouse solution that is ideal for anyone requiring real-time visibility and control of package movements through their transit network. Whether you’re handling ten boxes a month or 10,000 packages a week, here are three ways CargoWise Transit Warehouse can help you ensure goods flow freely.

Maintain full visibility with globally unique package IDs

Keeping track of the packages passing through your transit network can be difficult, especially if you’re operating multiple facilities or receive a mix of barcoded and non-barcoded items.

With Transit Warehouse, each package label is barcoded using a globally unique ID that is recorded as packages are scanned in for faster turnaround times or generated on the spot as a blind receipt. This gives you a digital log and full visibility of each package at each of its touchpoints - which is particularly helpful for tracking down stray or lost packages as well as giving you a better idea of where to begin looking if any other exceptions arise.

Eliminate errors and efficiently track package movements

Handling more packages increases the risk of misplacing, losing, or dispatching the wrong items, which can lead to costly delays or worse - unhappy customers.

Using Transit Warehouse, barcoded packages can be unloaded and moved around a warehouse quickly and easily, with little or no margin for error. All that is required is for the operator to scan the package barcode, and the mobility device will ensure the correct item is picked from and moved to the right location.

Once packages are ready for the next leg of their journey, the system will ensure they are correctly picked and scanned onto the appropriate outbound truck where the driver’s signature can be captured as a final security check.

With the flexibility of rule-based processes for cross-docking, picking, and loading packages, as well as checkpoints at each stage you can be sure that packages in your care stay on-track and get moved on in the fastest time possible.

Maximize the use of resources and reduce operating costs

Ensuring the free flow of packages through your transit warehouse is an essential part of your operation, however, lacking visibility of scheduled arrivals makes it difficult to plan your resource requirements and manage your overhead costs.

Integration into CargoWise’s Forwarding module means pre-alert or ASN information can be transferred at the touch of a button, giving your warehouse planning team advanced notice of any inbound cargo. This visibility allows the warehouse to plan staff and equipment requirements, assign storage locations, and have barcoded labels ready.

When trucks arrive unannounced, being able to direct them to the correct dock door can help eliminate any confusion or delays. With Transit Warehouse, you can also pre-assign a staging area for arriving trucks to be quickly directed to the right dock door, where operators can enter the license plate ID for a full record of the items to offload.

Our global CargoWise Partner network helps customers of all sizes implement and configure CargoWise to suit your business needs.

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