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About Vertech IT

Vertech was started as a business unit of Edtech in 2004 from a collection of small business customers that Edtech had collected over time. Edtech was a major provider of Network and Financial services to the Educational Sector at the time and wished to diversify. Daniel joined Edtech in 2007 to service those business customers.

Vertech as it is now sprang forth in 2010 when Daniel (a senior Network Engineer at the time) saw that the drive to look after those business customers by the mother company in the manner they deserve was fading and felt that he could take on that challenge. Daniel pulled in a former Account Manager from Vertech as a Partner and bought the business from Edtech.

Since then Vertech has operated as a bespoke IT Solutions company providing high quality personalised service to small to medium sized businesses in the Auckland area.



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South Auckland: +64 9 972 0364