With many organisations moving to large-scale remote working, quick trips to the mailroom to send and receive packages are now a thing of the past. But leaving employees to improvise their shipping from home can lead to process inefficiencies, reduced cost control and potentially avoidable visits by your staff to local postal centers. 

Amid this disruption, cloud-enabled multi-carrier management solutions with home office shipment tools, such as Transtream, are becoming increasingly critical.

Powered by CargoWise, Transtream Home Office is available to customers throughout the United States (US) and enables home office workers to ship customs forms efficiently, cost-effectively and safely.

If you are an existing CargoWise customer with US based employees, you can unlock the power of Transtream Home Office for free for 12 months. Learn more

Considering automating home office shipping but not sure where to begin? Here’s three reasons why an enterprise-class multi carrier management solution is right for your business.

Centralise control of your remote shipping processes
Unlike carrier-provided shipping websites and multi-carrier point solutions, enterprise-class multi-carrier management solutions provide a fully automated shipping solution for supporting thousands of home office shipping locations.

Transtream Home Office is cloud-enabled, so all shipping transactions are captured in real-time. This gives you visibility of all corporate carrier spend, including detailed information for home-office shipping activity.

Quick to roll-out and easy to configure, Transtream Home Office can be accessed using standard web browsers and a corporate single sign-on for security validation. This means that even though shipping is decentralised in home offices, information management remains centralised. 

Protect your employees with safer “no contact shipping”
With current World Health Organisational guidelines emphasising the importance of social distancing, businesses have a heightened obligation to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees.

Multi-carrier management solutions, such as Transtream Home Office, enable employees to process shipments from the safety of their own homes. For example, they can print a carrier compliance label, affix it to the carton or envelope and use the app to request a carrier pickup service from their doorstep. Alternatively, shipments can also be deposited safely in a locker or carrier drop-off box.

Improve productivity and cost utilisation
Multi-carrier management solutions simplify workflows and greatly reduce the need for additional IT and carrier service support.

Transtream from Home uses rate shopping business rules to automatically select the optimal carrier service. It also simplifies other processes such as ship-from and ship-to data entry, carrier compliant label printing along with applicable customs forms for international shipments.

Get started today

Now more than ever, companies are reviewing their business continuity plans to ensure their employees can work safely from home for extended periods of time.

If you are an existing CargoWise customer with US based employees, you can unlock the power of Transtream Home Office for 12 months for free. Find out how

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