Reflecting on 2021, it’s hard to imagine a time when logistics and the global supply chain was more critical or visible in ensuring the movement of goods around the world.  

But in an environment where customer and commercial imperatives can put pressure on the need for speed, how do you ensure the quality and accuracy of your customs and cross-border compliance requirements are not compromised?   

With over 5.3 million development hours invested in building our CargoWise platform, we are at the technological forefront in managing international and cross-border logistics, changes in trade patterns and evolving logistics regulations. 

Our technology is purpose built to help you optimize export and import processes and get increased control over international compliance. Here’s a few of the latest Global Trade Management and Compliance features added to CargoWise this month. 

Automated Certificates of Origin documentation for ChAFTA  

Under the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), goods that originate in Australia or China are eligible for preferential tariff treatment. What’s more, there are specific rules to determine eligibility and prevent parties from other countries gaining the benefits of ChAFTA, by simply transshipping their goods through Australia or China. 

CargoWise now produces Certificates of Origin documentation for ChAFTA exports from Australia to China, and you can access the new functionality from Shipment > Documents > Trade Documents > ChAFTA Certificate of Origin.  

Support for US HRCQ shipping Class 7 (radioactive) dangerous goods   

CargoWise has been enhanced to provide support for Highway Route Controlled Quantity (HRCQ) when shipping Class 7 dangerous goods (radioactive) of the 49 CFR standard. 

To facilitate this requirement, the column HRCQ is now included in the Dangerous Goods 49 CFR column group within the Shipment > Packing > Dangerous Goods pop-up in CargoWise. This column becomes editable only when a 49 CFR Class 7 substance is entered, and for all other substances the column is read-only. 

Egyptian ACI references added to Document Organization Registration Mapping module 

In line with recent requirements outlined in the Egyptian Advance Cargo Information customs system, updates have been made to display the Shipper’s Exporter Registration Number and the Consignee’s Commercial Registration numbers within the Shipping Instruction for maritime Consolidations destined to Egypt. 

To facilitate compliance, records for the Exporter’s Registration numbers and the Commercial Registration number for Egypt have been added to the Document Organization Registration Mapping module in CargoWise. 

Bangladesh Goods Value displayed on Air Waybills and sent in airline messages 

To ensure compliance with a new Bangladesh Customs Public Notice, Goods Value is now accessible in CargoWise, on both the Master and House Air Waybill for all air imports to Bangladesh. 

With this change, when the Air Consolidation is discharging in Bangladesh, the Goods Value will now default to MAWB/HAWB, regardless if the registry is set to show or hide it. 

‘Sealed By’ party updates to Shipping Instruction and VGM forms 

‘Sealed By’ party details are now mandatory on Shipping Instruction and VGM forms, to ensure messages are successfully processed by ocean carriers. When a corresponding Seal Number exists, CargoWise will now automatically validate ‘Sealed By’ on Shipping Instruction and VGM forms. 

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