Working with a globally dispersed team and network of customers, partners and third-party agents is part and parcel of running a logistics company today.

But having large teams working across disparate systems in different languages can reduce your visibility and create time-consuming, manual workarounds.

You operate in a multinational industry, so your logistics platform should be multilingual too.

We have invested over 4.6 million development hours building CargoWise – the leading, deeply integrated logistics execution platform of its kind.

Licensed in 160 countries and available in 30 languages, CargoWise provides truly global capabilities for a global industry.

For example, imagine a scenario where one of your offices in China is managing the transportation of goods to the United States (US) with CargoWise.

When your China office accepts the transportation quote, it's converted into a shipment file, with no time-intensive, manual data entry required.

Even though the data has been entered into CargoWise in Chinese, it's made available to your US branch in English, who can then process the job and fulfill all US compliance requirements.

This same flexibility applies to printing documents and streamlining the flow of information to your trading partners in their preferred language.

Take for instance the forwarding shipment from China to the US. With CargoWise, you can deliver a local cartage document in Chinese, and the airfreight manifest to a US agent in English.

Our comprehensive online training and education portal is also multilingual, helping your global workforce learn at their own pace and in a way that best suits the needs of your business.

What’s more, CargoWise’s Web Tracker application supports multiple languages to satisfy the needs of your global customer base.

Using Web Tracker, customers can easily select their chosen supported language from a drop-down list within the portal.

They can process bookings, follow through on any 'track and trace' requirements and upload or review documents – all without having to overwhelm your operators with emails or phone calls.

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