Managing a remote team can be tough, but with the right technology it doesn’t have to be. Graeme Millar, Global Customer Services Manager, shares how to help your team get the most out of CargoWise while working from home.

As countries around the world take steps to contain COVID-19, technology is playing a critical role in helping people stay productive at work when they’re not able to be there physically.

Many logistics companies are already being stretched to the limit by quarantines and lockdowns. This is forcing large-scale remote working in an industry that’s traditionally operated ‘onsite’ only.

If you’re a logistics manager and new to remote working, you might be feeling increased pressure to ensure your team are collaborating effectively and focused on delivering the work that matters.

Thankfully, you can clear these obstacles with easy-to-use workflow and productivity tools in CargoWise. Every day, logistics companies around the world use these tools to automate, manage and optimise their business processes.

Here’s how you can increase your team’s productivity with CargoWise:

1. Create clear standard operating procedures and embed training material into operational records, so your logistics team understands their job requirements and can more easily execute tasks. 

2. Build step-by-step processes – incorporating milestones, exceptions and triggers – so your team knows what they should be focusing on and can see what’s coming up next.

3. Keep on top of who’s doing what and use dynamic routing to reassign work to team members with capacity, so you’re always one step ahead

4. Automate repetitive tasks, escalations and notifications to increase speed and reduce errors. Free your staff to focus on high-value work that matters most to your logistics business.

5. Finally, don’t forget to check-in with your team about their remote experience. This might be unchartered territory for them too, so be sure to make yourself available and celebrate successes, big or small.


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