Achieve total automation

End-to-end data automation reduces the likelihood of user error, saving time and money while accelerating productivity across your entire logistics operations.

Eliminate manual processes

Say goodbye to outdated, incomplete, or conflicting information and the need to rely on external websites or data sources, and focus on revenue generation and scale.

Streamline your supply chain

Automated ETA alerts, status updates, and exception management facilitates decision making and removes the obstacles created by traditional supply chains.

Take visibility to the next level with automated workflows

Automatically share key visibility data points with any party involved along the supply chain while measuring your team’s performance against internal timelines.

With every task, milestone, or trigger automatically fine-tuned and configured into a workflow process, you can build the routines that not only quickly and efficiently satisfy your customers’ needs, but also define the quality of service they expect - increasing transparency, accountability and productivity across your operations.

Meaning your operators will be able to spend less time on error-prone, manual data entry and processes, and more time unlocking the value of end-to-end visibility, from booking to de-hire.

Key events and statuses contain the date, time and location of each container, including actual inland and onboard movements, pre-advices, delays and changes to estimates.

Events flow through the whole of the container lifecycle, triggering automatic alerts, exceptions and processes that complete actions or bring issues to the attention of operators.

Workflow triggers alert staff, agents, customs brokers, inland service providers and customers of actual or estimated container movements.


Extensive connections to the world's largest ocean carriers and NVOCC's combined with advanced land-based and satellite AIS technology provides exceptional data visibility and accuracy.

All data is cleansed, standardized and consolidated into a single, meaningful data structure - giving you access to the highest quality data available.

Remove the need to run multiple, complex systems and ensure shipments are managed with speed and precision.

With your end-to-end container tracking data deeply embedded into CargoWise there's no configuration or set up involved. Which means you don't have to worry about complicated and expensive third-party software integrations.

By leveraging the powerful automation options already available in CargoWise, it's easier than ever to implement data-driven, digital processes that improve visibility as well as operational excellence - without the need for additional software systems.

From initial quote to final invoice, manage your bookings, shipments, rates, customs, invoices, schedules, tracking and automation all from the one platform.

Total vessel visibility 

Quickly see where a vessel is once a journey has started, where it’s heading, and whether it’s on time with our state-of-the-art Route Visualizer.

With a sophisticated map of your vessel movements, including color-based visual alerts for departure and arrival delays, you'll have easy, actionable insights into your shipments as they move from port to port so you can better manage your supply chain activities.

Take your data on the road

End-to-end container tracking means you can continue tracking your shipments on land with road and rail based alerts and events. 

Key container movement events and status updates contain date and time information as well as the location of each container including actual inland and onboard movements, pre-advices, delays and changes of estimates.

See CargoWise in action

Discover how you can reduce time-intensive data entry across multiple systems and help speed up critical logistics and business processes.