Seamlessly connect with the world’s airlines

The better way to book air cargo.

Integrated flawlessly into CargoWise, AirlineConnect boosts efficiency, cuts manual tasks, and fosters a seamless workflow for peak productivity.

Explore flight options, dynamic pricing, and transit times across diverse routes and airlines, so you can select the optimal shipment solution.

Access dynamic rates and cargo capacity across a vast airline network for swift, informed decisions that enhance logistics efficiency.

Gain access to a diverse range of offers, including seasonal and ad-hoc rates, for greater flexibility, and improved decision making capabilities.

Get real-time eBooking status updates from chosen airlines seamlessly integrated into Cargowise post eBooking submission.

Expand your possibilities and choose the best option for your air shipments.

Connect directly to the world’s airlines

Manage your entire end-to-end shipping processes from a single platform - from booking to tracking and managing invoices, remove the need to run multiple, complex systems and ensure shipments are managed with speed and precision.

One search, multiple choices 

By aggregating data into one convenient location, you can compare offerings from different airlines side by side, eliminating the need for tedious manual searches, and empowering you to make informed decisions based on flight availability, cargo capacity, and pricing.

Your all-in-one air freight solution

Direct API integrations between CargoWise and individual airline systems, allows each airline to electronically communicate real-time data throughout the entire shipment lifecycle - from the initial booking and execution of the Air Waybill through to the physical movements of the shipment during its journey.

Built to simplify the process

In today's fast-paced air freight industry, forwarders have an abundance of choices and are constantly on the hunt for the best deals. Simplify the experience with a single platform solution that empowers forwarders to make informed decisions, optimize their logistics operations, and tap into an extensive network of airlines to meet their cargo needs.