Supply chain disruption has made many countries and enterprises realize the importance and urgency of supply chain security and the efficiency of international logistics transportation.

The smooth and timely delivery of cross-border transportation have become critical in global trade. With increasing requirements for shipment transit time, effectively improving your customs declaration processes and ensuring compliance with customs regulations can be challenging.

If you are still using multiple software and databases to manage your imports and exports, your operators need to enter the same data repeatedly into different software systems, which is time-consuming and error prone. This decentralized system approach can limit data visibility, reduce productivity, and lead to delayed or lost goods.

CargoWise is a cloud platform with a single database that allows you to share customs declaration data at your operating sites with your partner networks. You can transfer declaration data from the exporting country to the importing country anytime and anywhere, and then convert it to the import customs entry.

Here are four ways CargoWise can help you increase your efficiency to accelerate the processing time of your declarations while ensuring trade compliance.

1. Improve transparency and compliance

Through the direct link with CPT Single Window system, the declaration status is automatically updated, and the progress of goods declaration is more immediate. You can automatically download the latest tariff and exchange rate per ten days to ensure the accuracy of customs clearance data.

2. Set organization defaults

Capture a range of country-specific customer data and apply and submit it in whichever country you are handling clearances – making it be easier to navigate customs compliance.

CargoWise recognizes previously submitted customers and automatically fills in default values, such as business habits, relationship, etc., to accelerate the customs processes.

3. Automate your customs processes

With the CargoWise workflow tool, you can achieve collaboration through automation and eliminate duplications.

For example, CargoWise can import commercial invoice details quickly and easily through a customized eDocs format. The data entered at export can be used for the import declaration, simplifying the operational steps.

In addition, when a shipment needs to be declared, whether for import or export, CargoWise can automatically enter the bill of lading data to reduce double entry, making the operator's job easier and reducing errors.

4. Digital document management

For documents or attached documents required by customs, CargoWise helps reduce reliance on paper. Any existing document can be stored against the eDocs tab of the job, which can dramatically improve your customs operations. At the same time, with the powerful workflow tool, documents or e-mails can be automatically updated and sent to relevant parties according to pre-set processes.

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