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About OrangeLime Consulting

OrangeLime Consulting views effective use of technology as a critical success factor in modern day business. Our specialists are from the logistics and supply chain management arenas. They have successfully set up and run 3PL sites, transport operations and international freight forwarding operations for other businesses using CargoWise, now offer this expertise to new and current clients as CargoWise Partner consultants.

Our staff are well versed in tailoring solutions to meet our clients’ desired outcomes in training, consulting, and business process re-engineering. We believe that CargoWise can help businesses unlock new competitive advantages when configured and optimized strategically.

Our core competencies include Warehouse (3PL) management, Transport, Freight Forwarding, Accounting, Workflow, and DocManager alongside the backbone of system set up, registry configurations and edi communications.



Certified CargoWise Practitioners

10 Certified Professionals with the highest level of accreditation in CargoWise



CargoWise Service Partner

Platinum Accounting
Platinum Forwarding
Gold Workflow
Certified Customs
Certified Integration

Languages supported


Regions of operation

Americas, Asia/Oceania, Europe

Partner since


Office locations

Sydney (Australia): +61 2 8003 3008,
London (UK): +44 20 8144 4496,
Auckland (NZ): +64 (9) 889 0652,
Dallas (USA): +1 312 544 0026 ,