How will you get into the international ecommerce market?

The rise of ecommerce has brought with it a consumer demand for immediacy and instant gratification. As shipping times decreased, expectations increased - with customers no longer seeing international borders as obstacles to getting what they want. 

The internet's vast reach has enabled brands to strategically expand into global markets, while online retailers are tapping into overseas inventory to prevent stock shortages and tackle supply chain disruptions. In fact, this momentum is expected to fuel a strong annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.06% in global ecommerce revenue from 2023 to 2028, projecting a market volume of US$4,991.00 billion by 2028. 

In response, logistics leaders are rising to the occasion, providing support to customers and partners throughout the international delivery process, right to their doorsteps. 

With the availability of innovative technologies, forward-thinking companies in the logistics sector now have the opportunity to boost efficiencies, automate processes, and increase productivity, all while offering additional value-added services to their customers. 

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Cross-border ecommerce has become a permanent fixture.

Here's how intermediaries are making their mark.  

The international ecommerce market has broken down many of the barriers between consumers and businesses across borders. Today, it’s easier than ever for freight forwarders to capitalize on opportunities throughout the eight steps of the cross-border ecommerce supply chain. 

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