The Calais-Dover corridor is one trade route where the new regulations and requirements outlined in the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) are being deeply felt.  

An estimated 14,000 trucks cross the UK-EU border every day, with Calais-Dover handling 75 percent of all roll-on, roll-off freight arriving by ferry from Europe every year, or more than 4 million accompanied trucking units. 

If your existing logistics software system doesn't support all of the different types of declarations now required at the border, you will either have to run a secondary application to handle the process, or outsource the declarations to a third party, which can be time-intensive and costly. 

CargoWise is a single-platform software solution that shares customs entry data across your operations and network of partners, allowing you to enter data once, then transfer it to a new entry automatically, any time and from anywhere.  

It has a native integration with United Kingdom Customs, so you can be confident you're keeping pace with complex local customs changes, while also enjoying increased visibility and operational efficiencies. 

Streamline your Calais-Dover clearances and inventory management with CargoWise.

1. Automate Advance Cargo Advice (ACA) references 

ACA references are required for all Dover declarations. These can be manually generated based on your own company requirements or for a more optimal approach, CargoWise can generate this for you. The system can also add the generated reference directly into the numbers grid, and then submit this to CHIEF, saving you time in the declaration process.  

2. Automatically generate the MUCR reference

Once you have built up the entry, CargoWise can send Pentant a Cargo Report message to automatically create the MUCR reference. It validates the information and if any data is missing or incorrectly entered, it generates an error so you can quickly fix any discrepancies.  

3. Streamline message responses 

With the declaration submitted to CHIEF, CargoWise will receive updates from Pentant via email, including any E0 inventory failure messages, clearance advice messages and vehicle advice messages. This can all be viewed under the Entries tab of the declaration, keeping all response information in one place and making error resolution and audit easier. 

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