In order to remain efficient and compliant, your customs procedures need to keep pace with the demands of an ever-changing regulatory environment.

If your software solution cannot handle the changes, this can negatively impact your customs entries, the efficiency of your staff and the productivity of your business overall.

CargoWise is a single-platform solution that shares customs entry data across your operations and network of partners, allowing you to enter data once, then transfer it to a new entry automatically, any time and from anywhere.

Featuring a native integration with South African Customs, it can help you speed up your declarations’ processing time while also ensuring quality and accuracy is maintained.

From deeply integrated links with SARS to shared data across your logistics operations, here’s five ways CargoWise can take the complexity out of South African customs compliance.

1. Reduce double entry for customs processing

When forwarding a consignment, whether it be import, export or ex-warehouse, CargoWise allows you to use already entered shipment details to reduce double entry for processing customs entries. All three entry types use the same menus and form capture, making your operators life easier and helping to reduce errors.

2. Increase visibility

With native and direct links with SARS, and customs taxes and duties captured in CargoWise, you have greater visibility of job costings, including provisional payments. Autorating also means invoices to your customers can be processed in an efficient manner with minimal human intervention.

3. Minimize risk with a clear audit trail

CargoWise allows multiple entries to be generated per job when the entry instructions are selected. This ensures that all data and customs processing requirements use the same shared information and all associated customs entries are tied to one operational record, giving you a clear audit trail and better visibility.

4. Streamline manual data entry

CargoWise lets you import supplier invoice details quickly and easily, in a variety of file formats. This means operators no longer need to manually capture this data and can instead use information received from the supplier.

5. Drive efficiency in the cloud 

Any supporting documents that Customs may require can be submitted directly from the job, without having to rely on paper documents or another application. In the same way, when an entry is released a copy of the entry document can be stored against the eDocs tab of the job, reducing your reliance on paper while driving efficiency in the cloud.

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