What is C2 paperless customs clearance?

Taiwan has fully implemented C2 paperless customs clearance for import and export, allowing customs operators to digitally send documents such as packing lists, catalogues, commercial invoices, trademarks, or other supporting documents required by customs through the CPT Single Window system.

This eliminates the need for operators to send paper documents, significantly saving labor costs and transportation fees, express fees, paper printing and other expenses, and speeding up cargo release.

How does CargoWise support the paperless operation of C2 customs clearance?

CargoWise has powerful electronic document functionality. In the CargoWise customs module, you can electronically upload documents required by customs to eDocs, which can be quickly selected and attached when processing your customs declarations. It also helps you securely and effectively manage large volumes of documents.

Once the customs notification (code A28) is received, the operator can directly select the file and send it, which completes the C2 paperless clearance easily.

In addition, in order to eliminate double data entry, CargoWise also supports real-time data and eDocs sharing with relevant jobs, with shipment records automatically converted to a customs entry.

With CargoWise’s comprehensive eDocs functionality, you can avoid file loss and reduce paperwork to efficiently manage your documents, improve data visibility and your customs processes.

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