Excellence in container drayage starts with the right software

Trinium TMS is here to help you optimize your trucking operations

With an extensive presence in every intermodal and drayage market across the United States and Canada, Trinium TMS is your key to achieving excellence across domestic intermodal and international container operations.

Digital integration with your customers

Enable EDI and API connections between drayage companies and a diverse customer base streamlining digital transmission of order processing, status updates, event notifications, and invoices.

Order automation

Automatically convert incoming orders from PDF attachments into digital orders with all essential
data captured and stored – no more manual data entry required.

Terminal connect

Streamline truckers' interactions with marine terminals through API integration - automating data flow and enhancing efficiency by eliminating manual website updates.

Event management

Automated email alerts, reporting, and customized queries streamline communication with internal staff and external parties by tracking order and dispatch status changes.

Customer web portal

Give your customers secure web access to their data, to easily check shipment status, track pier/rail deadlines, view historical shipment data, and access scanned documents — all in real-time.

Document imaging

Integrate your document management and order completion processes, to enable invoice and driver settlement creation once appropriate documents are scanned.

Automate container tracking

Availability Manager is a powerful solution for tracking and tracing your containers and domestic intermodal trailers.

Just plug in container or trailer numbers, and watch our system do the heavy lifting. No more micromanaging - Availability Manager tracks and traces your containers seamlessly.

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Take your TMS on the road

Whether you're managing owner-operators or employee drivers, integrating our mobile app into your system allows you to seamlessly extend the functionality of Trinium TMS and ensure your operations stay on track.

Improve driver retention

Maximize productivity for your fleet with our mobile solution, simplifying operations for drivers and back-office staff alike. Enjoy streamlined communication, real-time updates, and seamless integration, enhancing efficiency across the board.

Easy document capture

Empower your drivers with an easier experience for uploading a variety of documents, including PODs, interchanges, and more. Our intuitive platform simplifies the document capture process, allowing drivers to submit essential paperwork while on the go. 

Enjoy total shipment visibility

Elevate your operational efficiency by harnessing the power of real-time visibility and advanced asset utilization optimization through our cutting-edge geofencing and GPS tracking system.

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marine terminal and

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Unleash the power of your data to drive decision making

Gain invaluable insights into your intermodal trucking operations with interactive dashboards and analytics.

Powerful business intelligence 

Our business intelligence tools provide accessible, user-friendly data visualization via web browsers or directly from Trinium TMS.

Custom data views

Empower your executive team, managers, and operations staff with customized data views to revolutionize decision-making.

Insightful performance reports

Access a suite of reports that offer a complete and comprehensive overview of your financial and operational performance.

Extend your drayage capabilities

We’ve partnered with leading drayage technologists to create an ecosystem of tools and resources that will help your teams make better data-driven decisions, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

CargoWise One and Blume Global

Benefit from our integrations with CargoWise One and Blume Global’s TMS, industry-leading platforms utilized by freight forwarders, shippers, 3PLs, and ocean carriers, empowering you to meet your customers' diverse needs.

API and EDI connections

Enhance your customer connections with access to a vast network of over 300 EDI and API links with key industry trading partners, streamlining order processing, status updates, and invoicing for maximum efficiency.

Third-party integrations

Trinium TMS offers integrations with leading third-party systems, ranging from accounting and appointment systems to fuel card, ELD, mileage, YMS, WMS, and more, forming a comprehensive ecosystem that amplifies operational productivity.

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We have a suite of drayage TMS solutions that can meet your unique requirements.


Profit Tools TMS

From order management to billing, reduce manual errors, and enhance overall efficiency, helping you to drive business growth and profitability.

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Compcare TMS

Maximize driver efficiency to help ensure smoother workflows and faster turnaround times, translating into cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

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From dispatch management to compliance tracking, achieve operational excellence, allowing your team to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional service.

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