Streamline operations

From order management to billing, our platform streamlines processes, reduces manual errors, and enhances overall efficiency.

Improve customer service

Real-time tracking, automated updates, and customizable portals ensure transparency and reliability, fostering stronger customer
relationships and repeat business.

Tailored to meet your needs

Our flexible platform allows for seamless integration and configuration, ensuring that you get the most
out of your investment while staying ahead 
of the competition.

Transform your workflow with Profit Tools TMS

Manage orders, coordinate dispatches, ensure accurate billing, and handle accessorial tasks seamlessly for more efficient operations.

Maximize productivity with easier order entry. Utilize our user-friendly web portal for tender submissions, and streamline shipment creation with intuitive wizards and templates.

Enhance dispatch efficiency with integrated dispatch boards and driver apps, offering real-time communication and arrival/departure timestamps for a cohesive, more profitable operational experience.

Ensure smoother billing and settlements with accurate shipment data. Use our auto-rating engine, built-in assessorial charges, system-generated documentation, automatic invoice transfer, and settlements reporting for streamlined processes.

Minimize profit loss and maintain strong customer relationships with our chassis and per diem audit tools. Enjoy quick validation of charges, including audits for duplicate billing, correct usage dates, and tracking charges to your customers.

Drive effortless container tracking 

Powerful track and trace functionality allows you to achieve meaningful shipment visibility.

Expanded port and terminal information

Access comprehensive details on port and terminal operations, including vessel and voyage information, and container activity, all on one centralized platform.

Automated geofencing

Implement polymetric geofences to trigger automated driver arrival, departure, and waiting time notifications, ensuring timely and efficient logistics management.

Custom holds

Display custom holds on containers as needed, enabling efficient management of special requirements or delays in container handling.

Days in yard tracking

Keep track of the duration containers spend in the yard, facilitating proactive management and optimization of yard space and resources.

Trace-by-trace time records

Maintain detailed trace-by-trace time records for each container, providing a comprehensive audit trail for operational analysis and dispute resolution.

Customer dispute backup

Establish a reliable backup for customer disputes with accurate and verifiable container tracking data, ensuring transparency and trust in your operations.

Improve driver productivity efficiency and accuracy

Facilitate seamless communication between drivers and dispatch through in-app messaging, enabling instant collaboration, reducing delays, and enhancing overall responsiveness.

Enable drivers to effortlessly upload documentation and automatically generate Proof of Delivery upon recipient signature, eliminating the need for office visits and expediting payments.

Streamline move planning with our in-app feature, utilizing truck-optimized maps to minimize reliance on external navigation tools. Stay informed with geofencing, receiving updates as drivers arrive or depart specific locations.

Standardized workflows guide your drivers through various tasks, including live unloading and loading, one-way land bridge shipments between rail and ports, chassis splits, pre pulls, street turns and shuttles.

Tailored tools for carriers and brokerages

In today's competitive logistics industry, our platform also offers essential tools for drayage carriers and brokerages alike, enabling seamless load management and business expansion without increasing overheads.

Stay one step ahead with our innovative suite of features. From streamlined load board creation to efficient load tendering processes, our platform empowers you to navigate the complexities of logistics with ease.

Additionally, our branded customer portals provide a personalized touch, enhancing client satisfaction and retention.

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