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Make tomorrow’s technology a reality for customers today.

Join our global partner network and deliver outstanding consulting, sales and technical services that enable CargoWise customers to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Accelerate your growth

Leverage your deep and diverse experience to deliver exceptional value to our growing CargoWise customer base.


Get set up for success

Our partners are an extension of our team. Access exclusive product training, sales tools and marketing resources to unleash your full potential.


Be a force for good

Build your technical capability, product expertise and industry networks to accelerate the growth and productivity of CargoWise customers.

Our global partner programs

We work with partners from around the world, and have several programs to choose from depending on your business model and unique goals.

Service Partners

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Business Partners

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Industry Partners

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Technical Partners

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Education Partners

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Service Partners

Acceda a nuevas oportunidades 

Nuestro crecimiento está acelerando y trabajamos con más de 17.000 organizaciones de logística a nivel mundial. Utilice su experiencia actual en TI o logística para ofrecerle un valor excepcional a la clientela de CargoWise que se expande rápidamente.


Prepárese para el éxito

Acceda a capacitación de productos, herramientas de soporte y recursos de marketing exclusivos. Ofrézcales servicios de consultoría de valor agregado a clientes y cree fuentes adicionales de ingresos para su negocio.


Sea una fuerza para el bien

Desempeñe un papel fundamental en el impulso de la productividad y el crecimiento a largo plazo del cliente. Elimine ineficiencias en las cadenas de suministro mundiales y gane acreditaciones y referencias de nuestra red en crecimiento de CargoWise.


¿Qué programa de socio es mejor para usted?

Explore our other Partner Programs

Business Partners

Our Business Partners are external partners authorized to sell CargoWise in specific markets. They have a deep understanding of industry and compliance challenges relative to their region, and work closely with our business development team on new customer opportunities.

Technical Partners

Our Technical Partners provide IT infrastructure and other technical services through skilled IT professionals. They are trained and certified by our global team, and assist our customers with any hardware or system requirements to support their ongoing use of CargoWise.

Industry Partners

Our Industry Partners are global logistics networks, associations, and professional organizations with a reputation for excellence. Each of our Industry Partner networks has deep and trusted connections within the logistics space, and work closely with our team to promote CargoWise to their members.

Education Partners

Our Education Partners are educational institutions - such as universities and registered training organizations - who help us support the future of the industry by including CargoWise in their curriculum, and by facilitating classroom training and certifications to students and industry professionals.

Why our partners love the CargoWise Partner Program

Frequently asked questions

What is the process of becoming a partner? 

Once you've applied online, you'll then be assessed by our friendly team via email and over the phone. New CargoWise Partners are then guided through a step-by-step partner activation and onboarding process, to help set you up for success. 

How much does it cost to be a partner?

There is no direct financial investment required to become a partner. CargoWise Partners invest their valuable time and resources into their partner activation, which includes accreditation and certification.

How do I get certified in CargoWise?

CargoWise offers a comprehensive and free education and training portal, featuring an easy to follow certification pathway and on-demand learning resources. Find out more about our Certifications program

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