Minimize os riscos

Reduza as taxas de erro associadas à transferência e redigitação manual de dados entre diferentes sistemas.


Aumente a produtividade

Envie documentos e informações de embarque em tempo real para aumentar a eficiência e a precisão operacional.


Melhore a visibilidade

Compartilhe facilmente em sua rede as informações relacionadas aos processos, mantendo você e suas comunidades de negócios mais informadas e capazes de tomar decisões mais oportunas.


E2E Messaging

for CargoWise users


Exchange information and data with partners in different currencies and languages.

Set-up messaging with a range of partners, including overseas agents, customs brokers, shipping companies, CFS, warehouse and more.

Direct data exchange with national customs and government authorities keeps you compliant with global regulatory requirements.

Immediately activate and enjoy the power of e2e messaging, without additional configuration or modifications.

Integration with workflow automation tools triggers data transmission between parties. For example, you can automatically send an e2e message containing an eDoc to an involved party.

Ocean Carrier Messaging

for ocean carriers


Send real-time shipping information directly to ocean carriers or via preferred service providers.

Automate notifications for events or actions requiring further attention.

Inbound and outbound messages are captured against the operational record to provide an audit trail of shipment associated activities.

Ensure the correct messages are submitted to reduce the risk of errors, delays and costly penalties.

Preview forms, modify and/or add information as required, prior to generating messages to ocean carriers.

Electronic Air Waybills 

for air freight carriers


Hard copies of an eAWB can be created on demand for trade lanes and shipments that still require paper.

Improve data integrity and consistency throughout, reducing errors and improving processes.

Support up to nine special handling codes that will be sent on the FWB, and any associated FHL messages, ranging from dry ice to perishable cargo.

Automatically file information via eDocs for better record keeping and a secure audit trail.

Available system data helps ensure better compliance with ever-changing and evolving cargo security regulations around the world.

NVOCC messaging

for forwarders and NVOCCs


Forwarders can view all available CargoWise NVOCCs for electronic booking requests and shipping instructions.

Forwarders can create, send and receive electronic messages, confirmations, and updates in real-time.

Received booking request messages will automatically generate a booking or update an existing booking.

Received shipping instruction messages will automatically convert an existing booking to a shipment or update an existing shipment.

Safeguard your customer's sensitive information with secure data protection.

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