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About Sophicle

Unlock the full value of CargoWise with skilled implementation and training support. We take the time to understand your business and develop a customised approach. With Sophicle, you can:  

  • Optimise your processes. We’ll work with your business before, during and after launch to create the right workflows and transition seamlessly to an efficient, integrated logistics system.  
  • Meet compliance requirements. As global trade grows more complex, don’t let your busy professionals overlook potential compliance violations. We’ll configure the system and provide ongoing support to ensure your business meets all compliance standards.   

Sophicle’s professionals have a track record of success in complex implementations for some of the world’s largest logistics firms. Our name comes from the Latin word for “skilled” – see for yourself how a skilled implementation partner can help you get the most out of your technology investment.

Certified CargoWise Practitioners

2 Certified Professionals with the highest level of accreditation in CargoWise



CargoWise Service Partner

Gold Accounting
Gold Forwarding
Gold Global Rollouts
Certified Customs
Certified Workflow

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Chicago, IL: +1 (847) 281 6982