Logistics providers are under increased pressure to adapt to new ways of servicing their customers while handling the shift to large-scale remote working. This presents several challenges for companies who have on-premise systems that are inaccessible when strict quarantines and lockdowns are in place.

Amid this disruption, cloud technology has quickly become a lifeline for businesses and operators across the logistics industry, helping rapidly scale their operations to reduce costs, protect profits and improve productivity.

Real-time connectivity

Your remote working challenges exceed just managing teams across different countries and continents. Connecting in real-time with your external customers, trading partners and government authorities is critical.

Deep-integration capabilities in our secure and reliable cloud-based logistics software, CargoWise, accelerate the data shared between different internal and external parties. This eliminates the delays of waiting for repeated data entry – a frequent and familiar challenge faced by teams working remotely.

Scaling expenditure and saving costs

While cloud-based applications are designed to be scaled up on-demand without notice, they can also be scaled down with equal efficiency.

In times of uncertainty, our pay-as-you-use transaction model facilitated by cloud-based software is immensely valuable, ensuring logistics companies can scale their expenditure relative to temporary and unpredictable changes to usage volumes and income.

What’s more, the ability to deploy upgrades or patches to cloud-based software can be done without requiring costly onsite resources, helping you eliminate unscheduled and expensive downtime.

Digitising operations to drive productivity

With quarantines and lockdowns in place around the world, many logistics companies who have resisted moving to a paperless supply chain are unable to access their paper documents onsite in the office.

As a result, cloud-based software has become even more vital to maintaining operational continuity. For example, our eDocs functionality in CargoWise stores the documents your business needs in a centralised digital location, accessible when and where they’re needed.

Additionally, every task, process or job can be fine-tuned and configured into a digital workflow, to build the routines that not only quickly and efficiently satisfy your customers’ needs, but also define the quality service they expect. 

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