Global trade never stops, so how can you stay one step ahead of any customs or compliance issues that may slow down your shipments and ultimately, impact your bottom line. No matter how big or small your logistics’ operations, it’s essential you have fast and easy access to the up-to-the-minute statuses of your customs declarations 

CargoWise, our deeply integrated logistics execution platform, has a range of features designed specifically to help you stay on top of your customs processes, from extensive filters to quick-view dashboards and customizable grids. 

Need to stay up to date with everything happening within your brokerage department? 

Here’s three CargoWise Customs features that can help improve your visibility and streamline cross-border trade. 

1. Search filters

Search your customs declarations with the help of a comprehensive range of search filters (such as entry number, container number, or House and Master Bills), limiting the results to a specific date range or even customs status. 

Want to drill down further? CargoWise’s search criteria are as flexible as your demands, allowing a custom view for each type of query. For instance, you can set an ETA filter and enter a date range, then add a specific port of clearance, and limit these results to entries that haven’t been released yet.  

2. Quick-view dashboards

Search results are shown in a grid layout, just like a spreadsheet. Authorized users can create company-wide layouts for consistency, while individual users can create their own job-specific views, which can all be saved for future selection, helping to personalize and optimize your user’s experience.

But there’s more to the grid than just displaying search results. If you’ve performed a search and need to use these results elsewhere, you can easily export the current grid contents out of the system and straight into an Excel spreadsheet, allowing the data to be exchanged with third parties, or provided as a report to management. 

3. Customizable grids.

You can also use color-coding to highlight specific data sets, helping you keep track of important status changes, and allowing the grid to be turned into a dashboard for operations. 

For instance, the grid can show if a declaration has a custom’s rejection by highlighting it in red, and an entry that’s accepted but not yet released shown in yellow. This is a great way to keep track of entry statuses, and you can set it up however your business needs dictate. 

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