1-Stop provides a state of the art messaging hub to enable the timely flow of electronic messages between all participants in the Australian freight and logistics industry and associated regulatory bodies. They simplify the sea freight messaging process by providing container and vessel movement visibility, messaging translation services and innovative electronic alternatives to existing paper based processes. 

Air Cargo Inc

Air Cargo Inc is the largest network of Air Freight Cartage agents and trucking companies providing services to the airline and freight forwarding community in North America. Their suite of products include the ACI raw data API (air freight routing data), the ACI Autorouter (an online freight door to door router), the ACI Load Board (receive bids on shipments) and the ACI Gateway (TSA compliance software).

Cargo Community Network 

Cargo Community Network (CCN) specialises in the transfer of electronic data between freight forwarders, airlines and ground handlers. CCN allows for the integration of intelligent features such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and performance dashboards, making it easy for businesses to optimise their business productivity. 


Operated by British Telecom (BT), CCS-UK provides a secure, hosted service to enable a free flow of data between freight agents, airlines and UK Customs to speed clearance times at UK airports. The resulting automated clearance process can reduce paperwork, speed up both export and import processes, and enable organisations to meet and exceed their customer service commitments.


Community Network Services

Formed in 1986, Community Network Services (CNS) provides services to businesses in the air and maritime logistics industries who facilitate trade movement through UK frontiers. As a community systems provider, CNS connects shipping lines, ports, freight forwarders and hauliers with HM Revenue & Customs to ensure customs clearance.


Easipass (E&P International Inc.) is authorised by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government to operate the Shanghai E-port and Shanghai Port EDI Center platform. China’s largest local port information platform, the Shanghai E-port solution unifies government supervision of the ports, associated logistics information and e-commerce.

Forward Air Corporation

Forward Air Corporation is a leading provider of time-definite surface transportation and related logistics services to the North American deferred air freight market. The Forward Air network is designed with over 90 facilities located at or near major US and Canadian airports, including a central sorting facility in Ohio and 12 regional sort centres serving key markets.


FreightSafe is a third party claims manager to the transport industry, managing claims for goods lost or damaged in transit. Working directly with transport providers, or through insurance brokers and underwriters, FreightSafe helps carriers learn why claims are arising through sophisticated data in order to reduce claims and increase the service experience moving forward.

INTTRA by E2open

INTTRA by E2open is the largest neutral digital network and information provider at the center of the ocean shipping industry. The company’s innovative products, combined with the scale of its network, empowers customers to trade with multiple parties and leverage information to improve their businesses. INTTRA streamlines the ocean trade process by connecting more than 35,000 shippers across 177 countries with 60 leading carriers and 150 software alliance partners. 

Maritime Cargo Processing

Maritime Cargo Processing is the UK's leading port community systems specialist. They work in close partnership with port and terminal operators, shipping lines, shipping and forwarding agents and hauliers, as well as Customs and other Government agencies, to improve operational efficiency and reduce the costs involved in the trading and transportation of cargo through ports.


Founded in 1975, Microsoft is a worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realise their full potential. WiseTech Global has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2002, and achieved the Independent Software Vendor Competency level in 2005. Being a Certified Partner provides many benefits, including software licensing, product support and marketing resources. 


Portbase connects all parties in the logistics chains of Dutch ports. Through its Port Community System, Portbase facilitates the exchange of data between companies and government authorities in order to allow everyone to work faster, more efficiently and at lower cost. Portbase is a neutral, non profit organisation operating from within and for the port community.

Portrix Logistic Software GmbH

Portrix Logistics Software GmbH (PLS) is a Hamburg-based IT solutions provider founded in 2001 and is part of the Portrix Group. PLS has for the last 17 years delivered best in class IT Solutions to the logistics industry and is known for their solid approach, deep industry knowledge and as an organization that delivers results.


Railinc delivers value to the rail industry through its high-quality rail shipment, intermodal, and rail management data feeds. Railinc is the industry’s most complete, single-source rail shipment visibility platform. It enables users to adapt to changing business conditions and enhance business performance with the most comprehensive and timely shipment location messages and dynamic ETAs.

Transnet Port Terminals

Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) is South Africa’s leading terminal operator responsible for loading and offloading cargo aboard vessels calling the seven South African ports. The cargo targets four major market sectors namely: automotive, container, bulk and break-bulk, which are handled across 16 sea-bound cargo terminal facilities and three inland terminals. TPT customers include the shipping industry, vehicle manufacturers, agriculture, timber and forest products’ producers, the mining industry and exporters of minerals and metals. Innovation has seen TPT develop the General Cargo Operating System (GCOS) in-house as a tool for managing terminal operations in Africa where it also provides terminal management services (Benin).

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